How to Get All Three Endings in "Breath of Fire 2"

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Breath of Fire 2 Game (SNES or GBA Version)

  • Super Nintendo or Game Boy Advance System

Get All Three Endings in
i Capcom

The classic Super Nintendo role-playing game Breath of Fire 2 featured two secret endings that were nearly impossible to find without knowing how to look for them. These steps will easily guide you through how to see all three endings in the game without having the play it all the way through three separate times.


Play through the game until the party fights Ganer in the church of St. Eva. Make a separate save slot and save the game just before the battle. Kill Ganer and then proceed through to the end of the game.


Kill the demon named Habaruku in the city of Gate, and then choose the option to wait for the rest of the demons to come out of their home, rather than going to battle them on their turf. This will cause the first ending to play, in which the party is defeated by their enemies and the demons overrun the world.


Load the save game and again defeat Ganer in combat and proceed to the end of the game. This time, choose to go after the demons and battle Deathevn, the final boss of the game. The second ending of the game will play, in which the main character transforms himself into a giant dragon and blocks the entrance to the demon's realm.

The Floating Eye

Go back to the saved game again, but this time do not kill Ganer. Instead, attack the floating eye creatures near him. After the battle take Ganer back to the party's town.

The Flying Town

Travel to the city called Guntz and go into the most prominent building there. Walk behind the bookcases inside to find a woman named Echichi. Speak with her, then return to the party's town and go down the well to the secret room. Ganer and Echichi will power a machine there to make the town fly. Continue on through the game at that point, defeating Deathevn normally. The third ending will then be displayed, in which the flying town is used to block the gates to the demon's realm.


Don't save your game after defeating Ganer, or you will have to start the whole game over again to get the third ending.