How to Set up Virtual DJ for Karaoke

By Jennifer Hammitt

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Laptop

  • Audio equipment

  • Virtual DJ software

  • Ripped CGD files

If you are a KJ (karaoke DJ), the days of using your CDG disks is slowly fading away. Many KJs rip their disks to their laptop or to an external hard drive. This eliminates hauling around the disks and the players needed to run them. However, this leaves them to find a software that will run the karaoke files. Virtual DJ is a great software choice for this.

Extend your computer desktop to the karaoke screen. Once you have your laptop connected to your system, make sure the video out cable is properly connected to your splitter. Power up your laptop. Most newer laptops will automatically read the video out and ask if you would like to extend your desktop to that device. Click on "Yes." If it does not do this automatically, you will want to right click on your desktop and manually make the change through your desktop properties. Depending on your operating system, this may vary.

Start your Virtual DJ software from your desktop. A box will pop up to ask you what interface you would like. Pick the "Internal mixer" interface. This will give you the most flexibility in your software. Go to the configuration settings and make sure your sound options are correct.

Send your video to the karaoke screen. Select the "Video" tab from the configuration settings box. Under "Video output," there should be a drop down box. There should be two options. One should be "Indo," the other should be the other TV you are connected to. Select the other TV and check the "Activate" box. The screen should blink (or flash) and then the TV screen should change from your desktop image to a black screen. Click "OK." If your only option is window, please check to see if your desktop is extended.

Set up your karaoke music. Click on the second dot next to your search bar. A menu should pop up. Make sure that the "Show music" option is unchecked and the "Show karaoke" option is checked. If you are using additional video make sure the "Show video" option is checked too. Go to the left side menu an pick the drive you should be searching. Type in the song title you are looking for. You may need to search by artist at times.

Test your music. Drag your song to one of the play decks. It should load up pretty quickly. Slide the toggle bar in the middle of the browser to the deck you are testing. Press "Play." The video (the words) should pop up on the television screen, and your audio should go to the mixer. Check the audio channel to ensure the audio is configured properly. If the words to not appear, double check the configuration settings and that the desktop is extended.