How to Solve the Mystery of the Moridor Box in Planescape Torment

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Solve the Mystery of the Moridor Box in Planescape Torment
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There are many quests in the PC role-playing game Planescape Torment that do not have immediately apparent solutions. The quest to solve the mystery of the Moridor Box will take a good deal of time and travel to complete.

Meeting With Mar

Travel to the northwestern portion of the Hive in the city of Sigil and speak with the man named Mar, who is standing near a pile of dead green animals called Lim-Lims. Mar will give the party a box to deliver to Ku'aatra, who owns a warehouse nearby.

Leave the northwest area of the Hive and go to the section of the city where the Smoldering Corpse Bar can be found. Go to the north to enter Ku'aatra's warehouse. Attempt to deliver the box, which Ku'aatra will refuse to take and then run off screaming, as though he were afraid of the box.

Head off to the southwest section of the Hive and go inside the building labeled "Brasken's Kip" on your map of the city. Speak with Brasken, who will tell the party that the box contains a powerful demon that must be exorcised by a wizard. Unfortunately, the nature of the spell that contains the demon will prevent your party from dropping it until the demon is purged from the box.

Alley of Dangerous Angles

Go to the house labeled "Shilandra's Kip" on the city map and speak with the wizard Shilandra, who will tell the party that while she is unable to remove the spell from the box, she knows of a priest who can. Leave Shildandra's home and go to the Alley of Dangerous Angles.

Enter the shattered temple in the Alley and speak with the priest Aola, who will remove the spell on the box and exorcise the demon within.


If you have Aola remove the spell on the box, he will leave his temple and you will be unable to become a disciple of his deity later in the game.


Don't open the box before speaking with Aola or the demon inside will be unleashed and attack the party.