How to Make Money Writing Letters Online

By Rachel Lister

Updated September 28, 2017

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If you have good writing skills, there are many legitimate opportunities to make money online. Writing letters online is one option for a profitable work-at-home job opportunity. If you have a professional voice, good grammar, and a little bit of creativity you can make money writing a variety of letters online, including resignation letters, introduction letters, character reference letters, and much more.

Determine how you are going to sell your letters once you write them. You can set up your own website and sell your letters yourself, but unless you have quite a bit of experience doing this, it may be frustrating and it will take time that could have been spent writing letters and earning money. There are services available that will sell your letters for you so you can focus on writing. is a reputable site that will connect you with buyers looking for letter writing services.

Sign up for an account at (or a similar company). Make sure that you are on the writers' page and not the buyers page. Signing up for a buyers account will not give you access to the sell your letters. Click on the link in the Resources section to get to the home page for

Once you have created an account, log in to Letter Rep and click on "Current Requests". When you are first getting started, it helps to be given some direction. The "Current Request" section will show you what types of letters buyers have requested.

When you see a letter that you feel qualified to write, click on it to see if there are any additional details. Always write your letters in a word processing program first. This will allow you to spell-check your work and ensure that you do not lose any information if your Internet disconnects before you submit your letter.

When you have completed your letter and spellchecked it, copy and paste it into the letter body section beneath the request you are interested in. Beneath the letter body section where it says, "This letter is written to . . . " enter three descriptive phrases that give a clear idea what your letter is about. Submit your letter and wait to see if the buyer has choosen to accept it. If your letter is not accepted, it will be placed into a pool for other buyers to choose. With a little bit of practice you will learn what it takes to sell your letter and you will start earning money by writing letters online.


Reputable companies will never ask you to pay for work at home job opportunities. If you are uncomfortable with a company, look for an alternative.