How to Construct the Gesen Bow in "Baldur's Gate 2"

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Construct the Gesen Bow in
i BioWare

Numerous powerful artifacts in the PC role-playing game Baldur's Gate 2 have been broken and had their pieces scattered throughout the game world. If your party of adventurers can find these pieces and pay a master smith to put them back together, you will be able to wield some of the most potent weapons available in the game.

Bridge District

Travel to the Bridge District in the city of Athkatla and go to the home of the tanner named Rejiek.

Go down the stairs into the tanner's cellar and open the crate to get the Gesen Bow Shaft.

Play through the game until the party reaches the tower of Spellhold in Chapter Four. Make your way through Spellhold until you come upon a room filled with doors that have various creatures painted on them. Go through the right hand door with the picture of a djinn painted on it.

Open the chest in the middle of the room and take the Gesen Bow String found inside.

The Docks District

Continue through the game until the party makes it back to the city of Athkatla. Once there, go immediately to the Bridge District and find the home of the dwarf smith named Cromwell. Talk to Cromwell with the shaft and string of the Gesen Bow in your inventory. He will ask for 7,500 in gold, and then fix the bow so that it can be used as a weapon again.


The Gesen Bow creates its own arrows as it is used, so anyone wielding the bow will never need to purchase any ammunition for it.