How to Initiate and Complete a Romance with Viconia in "Baldur’s Gate 2"

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Initiate and Complete a Romance with Viconia in
i BioWare

The main character of the PC role playing game Baldur's Gate 2 has the option of becoming romantically involved with several of the secondary characters encountered during the course of the story. Viconia will start a romance with the main character if he always exhibits strength and eschews all semblance of weakness or pity.

Begin a new game and create a human male character of any class and alignment.


Play through the opening dungeon of the game and then go to the Government District in the city of Athkatla. Pull Viconia down from the pyre she has been tied to at the left side of the district and fight off the angry mob who was trying to light her on fire, then ask her to join the group.

Keep Viconia in the party as you complete the various quests in the city of Athkatla, the Umar Hills, the Windswept Hills, and the city of Trademeet. Stay out of areas such as caves or dungeons as much as possible and eventually Viconia will initiate conversations with the main character that will lead to romantic dialog.

Answer Viconia's questions in a strong and assured manner, and never say anything that she could construe as weakness, even if it means being rude to her. If the party is confronted with a situation where the main character has the option to strike at enemies first or kill someone that could be spared, always choose the more violent option.

Continue speaking with Viconia in the same way until she brings up how her brother helped her escape the Underdark. From this point forward you need to answer her questions without trying to appear macho or strong to advance the romance to the next level. After several more conversations a Yochlol demon will attack Viconia, and she will then tell the main character that their love cannot endure.

Accept Viconia's reasoning for why the relationship must end to complete the romance. If you ask her to stay with the group anyway she will still be a playable character, otherwise she will permanently leave the party.


The romance conversations between Viconia and the main character occur at random intervals and are not affected by the passing of days in the game itself, so sleeping at an inn multiple times in a row will not make the romance proceed any faster, although some of the conversations will only happen at night after resting.


Unlike the other romances in the game, Viconia will not become involved with an elf, so make sure to create a human character. If you kick Viconia out of the party or allow her to die in combat then the romance will end.