How to Initiate and Complete a Romance with Jaheria in Baldur's Gate 2

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Initiate and Complete a Romance with Jaheria in Baldur's Gate 2
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The PC role-playing game Baldur's Gate 2 has a huge cast of characters that all interact with each other in various ways over the course of the game. The main character can even become romantically involved with specific people if he plays his cards right. The romance with the character Jaheira is the hardest to accomplish in the game because of how many quests must be completed in the correct order to advance the relationship with her.

Create a male human, elf or half-elf character at the beginning of the game. You can choose any class you would like, but if the character is not male or of one of those races, Jaheira will not initiate a romance with you.


Break Jaheira out of her cell in the wizard Irenicus' dungeon, where she is found at the beginning of the game. If you have a character with a very high strength, you can bend the bars; otherwise, you will need to go into the next room and take the key from the chest that is guarded by a stone golem.

Choose dialog options that are friendly toward Jaheira whenever she speaks with the main character. Never say anything that would be openly antagonistic of her, her beliefs, or her membership in the group known as the Harpers.

Console Jaheira when she discovers her husband's corpse near the end of Irenicus' dungeon, and do not respond in kind when she verbally lashes out at the party for their lack of understanding of her situation.

Side with Jaheira during any arguments that erupt between the party members, especially if they involve other females. For example, if Jaheira berates the character Aerie and then asks for your opinion, do not defend Aerie at all. If you side with another female in an argument, Jaheira will become less romantically interested in you, and the other character will attempt to begin a romance with you instead.

Go to the Docks District in the city of Athkatla and speak with the fat merchant who has a stand near the temple of Oghma. Agree to buy a necklace for Jaheira, and ignore her when she protests that you shouldn't do that.

Enter the nearby tavern after buying the necklace and watch a short cut-scene in which an enemy from Jaheira's past places a life-threatening curse on her, then casts the "Dimension Door" spell to escape.

Leave the Docks District and travel to the Slums District. Enter the run-down house near the drydocked boat and kill the man inside who cursed Jaheira. If you sleep outside or rest in an inn before doing this, Jaheira will comment on how badly she feels because of the curse. Make certain that you console her and ask if she is feeling all right.

Tell Jaheira that you couldn't see yourself settling down, but that you have wondered if it would be nice when she asks you about your future. You should always choose dialog options like this, which imply that you would be interested in having Jaheira around after your adventures are over.

Camp in an area outside of Athkatla that is above ground, such as in the Umar Hills, after Jaheira has spoken with you several times and you have bought her the necklace. If enough dialogs between the main character and Jaheira have passed, the party will be attacked in the night by bandits who will hold Jaheira hostage. Choose the dialog options to attempt to take her place as a hostage, and refuse to allow the bandits to leave with her.

Complete the "Harper Hold" quest in the Docks District by gaining entrance into the Harper Stronghold, then fight off the Harpers when they turn on your character.

Sleep outside again and Jaheira will reveal her true feelings for the main character and ask to become sexually involved with him. Accept her offer to complete the romance.


The romance dialogs between Jaheira and the main character occur at random intervals and are not affected by "in-game" time, so sleeping repeatedly to make time pass will not speed up the romance. If no romance dialogs have happened for a long time, try resting at an inn, as sometimes the dialog will only start at night.


Do not allow Jaheira to be killed, and do not ask her to leave the party, or the romance will end. Never mock the Harpers or respond to Jaheira's questions in a negative manner, or she will become less interested in pursuing the romance. If other female characters attempt to start a romance with the main character, be as mean as possible to them to so you don't make Jaheira jealous.