How to Acquire Beowulf in Final Fantasy Tactics

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Final Fantasy Tactics Playstation Game

  • Playstation Game Console

Acquire Beowulf in Final Fantasy Tactics
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The Playstation role playing game Final Fantasy Tactics features a huge cast of characters who will join the party on their epic quest, as well as several hidden characters who aren't part of the main storyline. The Temple Knight Beowulf is one of the hidden characters who will lend his sword arm to your party's cause, if you can locate him by following these steps.

Play through the game until part-way through Chapter Four, when the party kills the Lucavi demon named Adramelk in a battle at Igros Castle.

The relic in machine city Goug

Leave Igros Castle and walk to the Machine City Goug, which will initiate a cut-scene where the party is shown a large metal relic that has been excavated out of the earth.

Travel to the Coal City Goland and enter the bar there. Check out the various rumors to be heard there until the party is told about ghost and monsters hiding out in the mines.

Listening to rumors in the bar

Head off to the city called Lesalia and listen to the rumors in the bar there about the monsters in the mines.

The Temple Knight Beowulf

Attempt to leave Lesalia and the Temple Knight Beowulf will stop the party and ask to join them in their quest. Agree to let him join and Beowulf will become a playable character.


The engineer Mustadio must be alive and in your party when you go to the Machine City Goug or the initial cut-scene will not play.