How to Forge the "Equalizer" Sword in Baldur's Gate 2

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Forge the
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There are several artifacts scattered throughout the PC role playing game Baldur's Gate 2 which can be re-forged by the legendary dwarf smith Cromwell if their various parts are all collected. The parts of the Equalizer sword are found at the very beginning and near end of the game, and are easy to miss if you don't know where to look for them.

Make your way through the dungeon at the beginning of the game until the party finds the bedroom of the wizard Irenicus. Have the character Imoen use her detect traps ability to find the traps on the floor and the table. Disable the traps, then unlock the drawer on the table. Inside the table is the pommel jewel of the Equalizer sword.

Escape from Irenicus' dungeon and continue playing through the game until you reach Chapter Five, when the party is transported to the Underdark.

Go into the city of the Beholders, which can be found by entering the tunnel at the bottom right side of the main Underdark area.

Kill the "Elder Orb" monster that is found towards the entrance of the city. Search the corpse of the Elder Orb to find the blade of the Equalizer sword.

Leave the city of the Beholders and take the other nearby tunnel to find the illithid caverns. The party will be ambushed by illithids and forced to fight as gladiators in an arena. Play through this section until the party escapes from the illithids. On your way out of the caverns, kill the ogre who was guarding your cell. Search the ogre's body to find the hilt of the Equalizer sword.

The Equalizer Sword

Continue through the game until reaching Chapter Six, when the party returns to the city of Athkatla. Go to the Docks District and enter the home of the dwarf smith Cromwell, which is on the bottom tier near the waterline on the right side. Speak with Cromwell with all three parts of the Equalizer in your inventory. He will charge the party 7,500 gold and then re-forge the Equalizer sword so that you can use it in combat.


Whoever equips the Equalizer sword will become immune to charm and confusion spells.


The Equalizer sword does as much damage to a neutral enemy as a standard longsword. The sword will do increasingly larger amounts of damage to an enemy depending on how far removed he is from the neutral alignment. While it will deal an extra six points of damage on every successful hit against a chaotic evil enemy, it will only deal one extra point of damage against a lawful neutral enemy.