How to See Free Movies as a Test Audience Member

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

If you have a movie habit, get free tickets as a member of a test audience. Movies, especially comedies, are often subject to screening with an audience before release to the public to gauge the reaction to the ending. In return for the free viewing, fill out a brief questionnaire after the movie or participate in an exit poll.

Be on the lookout for market researchers in shopping malls. Look for people with clipboards who stop people and ask permission to "ask a few questions." Ask if they're recruiting for a test audience for a new movie and sign up.

Watch the newspaper for announcements of "cast and crew" screenings of movie filmed locally. Contact the sponsor to get free tickets.

Keep an eye on the movie titles outside the theaters in the hallways of a multi-plex. Look for "free sneak preview" announcements linked to the purchase of a ticket to another feature.

Ask the managers of the local units of national chain stores about tickets for preview screenings, listed on the movie's website. Movie studios routinely make deals with retailers to increase traffic in the stores and get the buzz out about the movie.

Listen to the radio for free movie ticket promotions. Phone or email the sponsor for a free pair of test-screening tickets.

Peruse the "movies and entertainment" section of the newspaper on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Look for drawings, contests and other offers of test-screening tickets. Watch alternative newspapers for similar, yet less frequent, offers.


Join FilmMetro online for free tickets to pre-screenings. Search by title or location for free movies (See Resources).