How to Transfer Data From One Apple Computer to Another

By Stewart Cararas

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Apple Computer (desktop or laptop)

  • Apple Computer (laptop or desktop)

You may occasionally discover that you need to transfer data from one computer to the other. On one hand, you can always save the data to either a CD/DVD or an external hard drive-however, this takes extra time, of course. If you have data to move from a laptop, which is portable, why not just move the data from the laptop to another computer?

I will show you how this can be very easily achieved.

Assuming the data you wish to transfer is on your Apple laptop, turn off the laptop.

Connect a firewire cable (400 or 800 respectively) from the laptop to the desktop computer.

Power-up the laptop and depress the (T) key while it starts up.

Once the laptop has started, there are two indications that it has successfully been mounted on the desktop: 1) Your laptop will have a "bouncing firewire icon" on the screen 2) Your laptop will be mounted on the desktop as an external hard drive

Now that everything appears to be in working order you can begin to "drag & drop" files from your laptop to the desktop just as you would any other drive on the desktop computer.

It's that simple.