How to Get Free Channels on Dish Network

By Brian Adler

Updated September 22, 2017

You can watch certain channels for free.
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Satellite TV is mostly a pay service, but if you know where to look, Dish Network does offer some free channels. A selection from free-to-air programming (FTA) is available on Dish Network free of charge. These are mostly international channels. Dish Network also makes various temporary free offers from time to time.

Know LyngSat is one of the most extensive of the free channels on Dish Network. LyngSat offers a variety of programming from many different countries. LyngSat is available on Dish Network in the same fashion as its pay channels. You access it in the same way you would gain access to any other channel. You do not have to pay extra; it is simply part of your package. Watch LyngSat for American television stations from Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Phoenix and other cities.

Watch European News available in English on Euronews. A French news station is also available. You can watch both entertainment and news from China and the Philippines. You will find a large selection of Arabic-language programming, as well as offerings from Vietnam, India, Germany, Brazil and Africa. Check your Dish Network package to see which additional free channels are currently available with your service. Additional channels, such as the high-definition Voom channels, have been available in the past.

Realize free channels are not actually part of the paying service. FTA was set up in the early days of satellite TV to provide viewers with access to free programming from all over the world. The free channels on Dish Network are an example of this feature. You can obtain these stations even if you don't belong to Dish Network. Dish Network is providing a free bonus service by offering them.


Dish Network frequently offers free channels with new subscriptions, such as previews of additional international stations.