How to Take Control of the Paladin Stronghold in Baldur's Gate 2

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Take Control of the Paladin Stronghold in Baldur's Gate 2
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Unlike most of the other classes in the game, the Paladin does not actually take ownership of his stronghold, but rather becomes a member of a holy order and receives quests from the order. Even though a paladin doesn't get to actually own the building, completing the paladin stronghold quests will earn your party the most powerful weapon in the game.

Start a new game of Baldur's Gate 2 and create a paladin for the main character. The gender and race can be any combination, but the character must choose the paladin class to gain this specific stronghold.

Play through the opening part of the game, escaping the dungeon built by the wizard Irenicus and entering the city of Athkatla.

The Slums of Athkatla

Go to the Slums District and enter the tavern called the Copper Coronet. Speak with the man in the red outfit named Jierdan, who is looking for adventurers to kill the ogres in the Windspear Hills. Accept his offer, then leave Athkatla through the city gate and travel to the Windspear Hills.

The Windspear Hills

Kill all of the ogres in the Windspear Hills. After they are dead, their bodies will transform into knights of the Radiant Order. The party has been tricked by Jierdan into killing the knights through illusion magic. Another knight named Garren will approach the party and offer to explain to the Radiant Order what happened. Garren's child will then be kidnapped by bandits.

The Dragon in the Temple

Find the large temple in the Windspear Hills and fight your way through it, killing all of the orcs and golems inside. Eventually you will come upon a series of jail cells, where Garren's child is being held. To unlock the cells, you will have to speak with the dragon at the bottom of the temple, who will send a wizard to fight you. Kill the wizard and take the key to the cells from his corpse.

Free Garren's child and return to Garren to let him know what has happened. He will speak with the members of the Radiant Heart to sponsor you for membership with them.

The Temple District

Return to Athkatla and go to the Temple District. Enter the building for the Order of the Radiant Heart and speak with the man named Wesselan. You will become a member of the order, and the building will become your new stronghold.


Wesselan will send you on a series of quests in the Umar Hills and Windspear Hills areas once you have gained the paladin stronghold. Complete these quests to receive the Holy Avenger sword, which is the most powerful weapon available to a paladin in the game.


Don't kill the dragon the first time you meet him when trying to rescue Garren's child. If you kill him early, you will not be able to take control of the paladin stronghold.