How to Get on Xbox Live Without a Credit Card

By Randall Shatto

Updated September 22, 2017

Xbox Live is a service that is provided for the Xbox 360. It comes in two different versions: Gold and Silver. The Silver version of Xbox Live is free; it offers friends lists, connections to Windows Live messenger and downloads from the marketplace. The Gold version of Xbox Live offers online play, in-game communication and a more up-to-date marketplace. The Gold version of Xbox Live marketplace receives demos, games and movies about a month sooner than the silver version. You can use Xbox Live Silver for free; however, if you want to jump in on online play and enjoy the best marketplace available, you need to upgrade to Gold. If you need to get on Xbox Live, but you don't have a credit card, this article will offer a solution.

Pick up an Xbox Live membership card. They can be found for sale at most, if not all, games and electronics stores.

Hook up your Xbox 360 to an active internet connection. Your Xbox will need to have access to the internet for you to sign up for a gamer tag or for Xbox live.

Sign up for a gamer profile on Xbox Live. You will need to have a gamer profile to access Xbox Live and gain access to the marketplace. This can be accomplished under the “Xbox Live” tab under the Xbox 360 Dashboard. Once you are signed up for a gamer tag, you should be signed into it automatically. If you are not, hit the “sign in” button under the “Xbox Live” tab.

Highlight your gamer tag in the upper left portion of the screen and press the A button. This will bring you to another menu under your profile.

Select the “Account Management” option under your profile. Select the “Memberships” option in this menu. This will bring you to your current Xbox Live membership. It will be silver by default. Press the “A” button, and you will be presented with another menu. Select “Redeem code.”

Enter the code from the Xbox Live membership card you purchased. It will give you Access to Xbox Live Gold, which will allow you to play online multiplayer through Xbox Live. You will have a preset amount of time determined by the card that you purchased.


Even if you have a credit card, buying the prepaid membership cards is a better option for gaining access to Xbox Live Gold, as Microsoft will automatically deduct the amount for Xbox Live each time your subscription runs out.