How to Save Lucca's Mom in Chrono Trigger

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Save Lucca's Mom in Chrono Trigger
i SquareEnix

The inventor Lucca is an integral part of the game Chrono Trigger. During the course of the game she occasionally references how her mother was crippled by an experiment gone awry. By finding and completing a specific hidden side quest, Lucca can go back in time and prevent her mother from being injured. This will also allow Lucca to acquire her most powerful armor in the game.

Play through the game until you defeat Dalton. Destroy the ship called Blackbird and gain control of the time traveling ship called Epoch.

Travel to the area in 12,000 B.C. called The Commons and speak with a woman standing next to a plant. She will talk briefly about plants and forests.

Go back into Epoch and travel to the year 600 A.D. Fly to the small house on the southern continent just below the Dendarro Mountains. Enter the house and speak with the woman named Fiona, who will tell the party that she is unable to care for the forests because of all the monsters around.

Enter the cave just below Fiona's house and kill all of the monsters inside. Once the monsters have been defeated, exchange one of your party members out for Robo and go back to speak with Fiona again. Robo will offer to watch over the plants for the next few hundred years since he is a robot and will be able to live long enough to see the forest flourish.

Get back on Epoch and travel forward in time to the year 1,000 A.D. Enter the temple where Fiona's house used to be and get Robo back in the party. The game will then switch to a cut scene where the party members are all camping and discussing the past. Lucca will see a time gate and enter it, which warps her back to the day when her mother was paralyzed.

Lucca's mom stuck in the machine

Approach the machine that Lucca's mom is stuck in and you will be prompted to enter a combination of keys with your controller. The password is the name of Lucca's mother, so press the buttons "L," "A," R" and "A" on your controller. Once the machine is turned off, Lucca's mom will be saved.


Go to Lucca's house after saving her mother and Taban will give Lucca her most powerful armor available in the game.


If you don't enter the code correctly, Lucca's mother will still be injured by the machine and you won't get any of Taban's special items.