How to Acquire the Wizard Edwin in Baldur's Gate 2

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Acquire the Wizard Edwin in Baldur's Gate 2
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A dangerous and immoral Red Wizard from the land of Thay, Edwin is a returning character from the original Baldur's Gate. If your party isn't hesitant about doing unscrupulous or outright evil deeds, then Edwin is a must-have spell caster.

Escape the wizard Irenicus' dungeon at the beginning of the game and make your way into the city of Athkatla.

The Docks District

Go to the Docks District in Athkatla and enter the Shadow Thieves Guild. Find the guild master Renal Bloodscalp and speak with him. He will ask you to infiltrate a rival guild. Accept his offer and head over to the other guild to receive several quests from them.

Complete the first quest given to you by the rival guild master Mae'Var. Then return and receive the second quest, which will send you to find the Red Wizard Edwin, who is usually standing around on the top floor of Mae'Var's guild building.

Accept Edwin's quest to kill the wizard named Rayic Gethras, who is also located in the Docks District. After completing the deed, return to Edwin, who will give you another quest: to get a set of documents from a sailor at the nearby inn.

Head over to the inn and get the documents from the sailor, either by intimidation or by simply buying them. Take them back to Edwin. Then report to Mae'Var again, who will send the party on yet another quest, this time to kill a traitorous guild member who is also at the inn.

The Red Wizard Edwin

Finish the next quest for Mae'Var and then speak with Edwin, who will demand to join the group. Accept his demands and he will join the party as a playable character.


Edwin has a magical amulet that gives him access to additional 1st- and 2nd-level spells, so be sure to have him memorize the extra spells before the party rests.


If you have the warrior Minsc in your party at the same time you have Edwin, they will eventually attack each other, because Edwin will continuously mock Minsc for allowing his ward, Dynaheir, to die. Because Edwin is an evil character, he will leave the party permanently if your reputation ever rises above 18. Do not accept any quests from the group known as the Harpers in the Docks District if you want to gain Edwin, as their quest will eventually send you to kill him.