How to Acquire Reis in "Final Fantasy Tactics"

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Acquire Reis in Final Fantasy Tactics
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A powerful spell caster who has been magically transformed into a holy dragon, Reis is an excellent addition to your party in Final Fantasy Tactics and is especially helpful if you are using other dragon units. To acquire her as a playable character you will have to go through a long side quest, finding new areas and battling many enemies.

Travel to the Machine City Goug after killing the Lucavi Demon named Adramelk to see a cut-scene with Mustadio's dad showing off a large metal relic he has excavated.

Leave Goug once the scene is finished and go to the Coal City Goland and listen to all the rumors at the bar until you hear a rumor about monstrous creatures in the mines.

The Temple Knight Beowulf

Go from Goland to the city named Lesalia and again listen to the rumors at the bar. When you try to leave the city a Temple Knight named Beowulf will stop you and ask to come along. Accept his offer and return to Coal City Goland.

Protecting Reis in the Mines

Battle the monsters in the mines of Goland until you reach the bottom and see a holy dragon being attacked by several creatures. Kill all of the monsters here to discover that the holy dragon is actually a woman named Reis whom Beowulf has been searching for. After the battle Reis will join the group as a guest, but is not yet a permanent member.

Walk back to Machine City Goug and watch another cut-scene involving the excavated relic. Leave Goug and go to the Trade City Zarghidas. While there, a girl will ask the party to buy some flowers. Choose the dialog option to buy the flowers from her, then go back to Goug yet again to see another cut-scene.

Head away from Goug and to the castle called Zeltennia. Listen to the rumors in the bar until you hear a rumor about a hidden temple on a cursed island. This will open up a new area on the map. Go to the new area labeled "Nelveska Temple."

The Holy Dragon Reis

Fight the robot at Nelveska Temple and then go back to Zeltennia Castle once the battle is over, where the party will use a Zodiac Stone to turn Reis into a human and she will then permanently join the group as a playable character.


Reis is able to jump up to higher areas than most of your regular units can reach, so use her either to explore higher ground you couldn't normally get to or send her up higher than the enemies so she can attack down on them without much fear of retaliation. In her human form, Reis has several abilities that boost the powers or heal other dragon units, so she is most useful when you deploy other dragon units in battle.


Keep Mustadio in your party before attempting to acquire Reis. If Mustadio has been permanently killed or kicked out of the group you will not be able to initiate the sequence of events required to get Reis to join you.