How to Play a Mini DVD

By Jack Gerard

Updated September 22, 2017

While most people think of standard DVDs as being the only size of DVD disc available, DVD discs actually come in different sizes. The most common non-standard DVD size is that of the mini DVD, a disc which is about half the size of a standard DVD disc, and which generally can hold around 15 minutes worth of video. Mini DVDs are most often used for promotional materials and home video recording, but they are of course used for other purposes as well. Though some people may think that they require specific equipment to play, they can actually be used with pretty much any device or computer capable of playing standard DVDs.

If you have an auto-loading DVD player or other auto-loading device and it is designed specifically to play both DVDs and mini DVDs, you can simply insert the mini DVD directly into the player. The device will load it automatically without you needing to do anything else.

If the DVD player or device that you're wanting to play the mini DVD with has a loading tray, eject the tray and place the mini DVD in the middle of it. You will notice an indented area that the mini DVD will fit perfectly into. Close the tray and the DVD player or device will load the mini DVD automatically.

Should you have an auto-loading DVD player or other device which isn't set up to use mini DVDs, you can purchase a Mini DVD adapter (provided your Mini DVD recorder didn't come with one, if your mini DVDs come from a camera). The adapter is a DVD-shaped piece of plastic which your mini DVDs can snap into. This adapter will fill the space that would normally be taken up by a DVD, letting the player or device load it as normal.