How to Do Monster Tricks in SSX on Tour

By Derek Lennon

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • PlayStation 2

  • SSX On Tour

SSX On Tour is a classic ski and snowboard video game. The object is to build your stats so that you can do bigger and better tricks, called monster tricks. The only way to beat the game and become a "legend" is to perform all the monster tricks and land them consistently. Monster tricks will help you amass a lot of points, land huge trick combos and win gold medals.

You start SSX On Tour with only four tricks. As the game progresses, you must earn money by winning events. Use this money to buy the different monster tricks. (See the prices in the Tips section.)

At the beginning of every event in SSX On Tour, you need to fill your boost bar at the bottom of the screen. As you do tricks, the boost bar fills up and changes color, from flashing white to green to yellow to magenta. You can do monster tricks when the boost bar is yellow or magenta. If you fall in the game, you'll lose your some of your hard-earned boost.

Use the right joystick on the PS2's controller to control the monster tricks. Push the right joystick in any direction to do a trick. For example: Up, down, left or right will enable a big trick, but if you push the joystick in two directions--right/up, up/left, right/down, left/up, etc--you'll do a monster trick. See the Tips section for the names of each monster trick, how to do it and how much it costs.

Keep playing until you've won the game!


The right joystick is also how you pivot, which is the key to landing big combos and huge scores.

Time slows when you are doing a monster trick. Watch the clock; you'll see.

Here is a list of the Skiing/Snowboarding Monster Tricks you can buy, how to do them, and their cost.

• Porkchop Sandwiches / The Kickback Jack – Up - Free • Lipstick / String Cheese – Up, Left - $125,000 • Miyagi / Spreader – Up, Right - $125,000 • Jerked Chicken / Donkey Kick – Right - Free • Coco The Monkey / Body Massage – Right, Up - $125,000 • Swing Shift / PT – Right, Down - $125,000 • Cowbell / Drop Out – Down – Free • Yoober / Chocolate Thunder – Down, Right - $125,000 • Smoothy / Nutcracker – Down, Left - $125,000 • Lounge Lizard / Steppin Out – Left - Free • T-Bone / The Wizard – Left, Down - $125,000 • Fat Hornet / Steeb – Left, Up - $125,000