How to Acquire the Worker 8 in "Final Fantasy Tactics"

By Shea Laverty

Updated September 22, 2017

With fists of steel and immunity to magic, Construct 8 is a devastating addition to any lineup in "Final Fantasy Tactics." This ancient robot, also known as Worker 8, is one of the game's many special characters, with a move set built around his physical power. Part of a special storyline revolving around the machines of Goug, Construct 8 takes a bit of work to unlock -- if you meet the basic requirements beforehand.

Meeting the Requirements

Construct 8 is originally found in the Clockwork City of Goug by Besrudio Bunansa, father to fellow party member Mustadio. As such, you must have Mustadio in your party in order to begin this questline -- one which leads to many of the game's special characters. If you've dismissed him or he has died and crystallized, you're out of luck. After you defeat Belias through the game's main storyline, head to Goug to trigger a cut-scene where Besrudio reveals the deactivated Construct 8 to Mustadio and Ramza.

Unlocking the Mine

After the cut-scene, travel to the Mining Town of Gollund and listen to the rumor about monsters in the mines at the tavern. Head to the Royal City of Lesalia next and meet Beowulf, who wants to enlist your aid in clearing out the mine itself. Beowulf joins the party as a guest, meaning you have no control over him during the upcoming fights. Return to Gollund to begin a series of battles -- these battles offer no chance to return to the map until they are all completed, so stock up on any potions, Phoenix Downs or other items you need beforehand.

Battling for the Stone

Most of the battles are straightforward fights, with the condition that you defeat all enemies. Bring a Thief with high Speed and all of the steal skills -- some of the enemies have rare weapons only obtained by stealing. The battle with Reis requires you to defeat your enemies, led by the Archaeodemon Syneugh. Nuke him quickly to end the fight -- his moves, and those of his Ahriman minions, cause very frustrating debuffs to your party. Winning the battles at Gollund grants you the Aquarius stone, which activates Construct 8 upon returning to Goug.

Utilizing Construct 8

As a monster, Construct 8 can't change jobs or be given additional skills. However, he has normal attacks like a human character, as well as access to his Task command. Task moves do large amounts of damage to the target, but cost a small amount of HP. As Construct 8 is a robot, he always has Atheist status and is immune to all magic -- including healing spells. Heal him with the Monk's Chakra, Ramza's Wish and potions. Construct 8 is immune to all elemental attacks except water and lightning, the latter of which he is weak against.