How to Create an Email Account With Gmail

by Megan ShannonUpdated September 28, 2017

Gmail is web mail offered by Google that has many beneficial features for all of its users. Gmail offers less spam, a ton of space and even mobile Gmail. You can access your email from your phone at any given time and with the large space, you never have to worry about constantly cleaning out your inbox. You can take your time and do it when you want because you won't run out of room. Here are the steps to creating an email account with Gmail so you can experience it first-hand.

Go to Gmail's homepage. (link at bottom) On the right side of the page, underneath the user sign-in you will see "Sign Up For Gmail." Click on that.

Now it's time to create your account. You will be asked to fill in the required information in order to create your account. Start with your first and last name.

Choose your desired login name (email address) and click on "Check Availability" to see if that name is already chosen. When a name you choose is not available, you will be given similar names to choose from that are available. You can either choose one of those suggested or keep trying your own until you create one that is not taken.

Choose your password. When you key the password you want, you will be shown how strong your chosen password is. Try to get it as strong as you can so you do not have to worry about someone trying to get into your account.

Choose a security question. The security question will be asked when you forget your password. This keeps other people from trying to access your account so make sure you choose an answer to the question you pick, that only you know.

Read the "Terms of Service," then click on "I Accept, Create My Account" if you do accept the terms. At this point, you have successfully created your account with Gmail and can get started right away.

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