How to Bring Crono Back from the Dead in "Chrono Trigger"

By Andrew Cowie

Updated September 22, 2017

One of the most dramatic moments of "Chrono Trigger" is the abrupt death of its silent protagonist, Crono. While the hero appears to die, it's possible to bring the spikey-orange-haired hero back. Bring some teammates who have strong attacks capable of attacking a single target, like Ayla or Frog. You will also need to bring a strong healer like Marle to make sure your trip up Death Peak to revive Crono is a safe one.

Travel to the End of Time and speak with Gasper. Listen to the conversation and then walk to the room with all the time teleports; Gasper will call you back. Speak to him again and he will give you the Chrono Trigger.

Travel to the Keeper's Dome in the year 2300 AD, the same spot you obtained the Epoch. Speak to the Nu to find out you'll need to find a clone of Crono before being able to bring him back to life.

Fly to 1000 AD and head to Leene Square. Walk into Norstein Bekkler's Tent of Horrors and play the 40 Silver Point game. Follow the instructions and imitate the moves your double makes to win the game. Leave Leene Square and walk to Crono's home. Speak to his mother to receive the Crono Doll.

Return to the Keeper's Dome and speak to the Nu. Leave the dome and walk to the nearby Death Peak. Walk up the hill and speak to the Poyozo Doll, who will turn into a tree. Wait for the wind to stop to continue your ascension. Jump behind the nearest tree whenever you notice the wind starting or you'll have to start at the beginning.

Walk left until you see a ladder. Head up and turn right to enter a new section of the map. Head south to find a save point. Save and head north to find a cave. Enter to find a Lavos Spawn.

Kill the Lavos Spawn. Target the head and do not attack the shell, as it will unleash a powerful counterattack if hit. Use physical attacks and powerful single-Tech attacks, such as Ayla's Cat Attack or Frog's Aerial Slash. Use Marle to heal the party throughout the battle.

Walk north to leave the cave and turn right. Open the chest to get a Brave Sword, and turn south. Use the save point and head north. Examine the shiny dot to open a new cave entrance beside the previous save point. Head back and enter the newly opened entrance.

Climb up the ladders and enter the cave to the north. Fight the second Lavos Spawn. Repeat the steps you used in Step 6. Head left and speak to the second Poyozo Doll. Walk carefully over the narrow ledge and continue through the next area to reach the third and final Poyozo Doll.

Descend the ladder to the left to reach the third Lavos Spawn. Repeat the strategy in Step 6 to defeat it. Push the shell that remains as far right as it can go, then push it as far north as it can go. Examine the shell to climb up. Walk north to reach the summit of Death Peak.

Walk over to the frozen Crono after the cut scene. Examine him to replace Crono with the doll, allowing Crono to return to the land of the living.


Explore Death Peak to find some handy items and gear.

The cut scene where Crono comes back to life varies based on which members you bring to Death Peak.


When you're playing the New Game +, one of the endings can only be found if you finish the game without bringing Crono back to life.