How to Change the Language on a Cell Phone

By Kathleen Bunn

Updated September 28, 2017

Cell phones now come with more functions than ever before. One of the most basic functions however, still remains one of the best. The ability to change the language on your cell phone can be a very useful tool. Whether you are in a different country, are learning a new language, or speak a language different than the default one on your phone, changing the language on your cell phone is a simple and useful trick to know.

Turn your cell phone on, and press the menu button to begin viewing the menu options of your phone.

Scroll through the menu options of your phone until you come to a settings option. Every cell phone has a different basic set up, but they all have "settings" areas, where the basic phone settings are located. One you have found the settings option, select it. The settings option will open a list of basic cell phone functions. Some cell phones have larger groups that are then broken further into smaller ones, and other phones have a bunch of small individual settings options.

Look for the option under settings that says system, display, display info, or language, and choose it. Whichever of these options your cell phone has, the outcome will be the same, so don't be discouraged if your cell phone has a slightly different set up than other cell phones.

Choose your desired cell phone language from the list and choose it, if your cell phone had a language option directly under settings. If not, then look for the language option under the system, display, or display/info options, and then choose your language from the list it provides.

Turn your phone off and then back on again, just to ensure that the new language change did take effect, and will remain. Your language settings should now be changed, and you should be viewing all functions of your cell phone in your newly chosen language.


Do not get discouraged if your cell phone has different options than another phone.