How to Get 99 Lives in "Super Mario Brothers 3"

By Nellie Day

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Nintendo Entertainment System

  • Super Mario Brothers 3

You can accumulate 99 lives very early in this game.

Super Mario Brothers 3 is a long and challenging game. With eight worlds to travel to and up to nine levels in each world, a player may find that he does not have enough lives to make it though the game. However, there is an easy way to accumulate up to 99 lives early in the game to help you on your journey to defeat Bowser.

Go to Level 1-2, playing as either big Mario or Raccoon Mario.

Find the first leaf in one of the question-mark boxes in order to become Raccoon Mario.

This is the area you must be in.

Go to the pipes at the beginning of the level, which are shaped like a giant "T."

Jump on the Goombas that slowly exit the top pipe.

Continually press the "A" button in the air to make Mario float. This will allow Mario to continually jump on the Goombas without touching the floor.

Continue this pattern until Mario starts accumulating lives for killing enemies without touching the floor.

Stop at 99 lives, as this is the maximum amount you can accumulate.


It is best to start this level as Raccoon Mario, so you do not have to search for a leaf power-up. You can return to Level 1-2 even if you beat the level. You can return to any level in Mario 3 after you defeat it.


This trick is challenging; it takes patience and precision. The only way you can successfully perform this trick is through practice.