How to Find "Deep Dungeon" in Final Fantasy Tactics

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Final Fantasy Tactics PS1 game

  • PlayStation console

A massive, pitch black dungeon filled with all manner of unspeakable beasts, Deep Dungeon is a great place to gain experience and job points for your party in Final Fantasy Tactics. Deep Dungeon is not actually part of the main story in the game, and can be missed entirely if you don't know where to look for it.

Play through the first three quarters of the game, until you beat the "Murond Holy Place" level in Chapter Four. Finding Deep Dungeon does not require that you have kept any specific characters in the party or found any special items, so play through the game however you please.

Travel back through the world map until you reach the trade city called Warjilis. The game will switch to a cut-scene where you cannot control the characters.

Watch the scene in Warjilis to see the main character listening to some rumors in the local bar about a hidden dungeon. A new location will be added onto the world map near Warjilis.

Walk over to the new spot on the map to enter the first level of Deep Dungeon.


There are many nifty items that can be found in Deep Dungeon if you bring a character who has the "Move Find Item" skill. The ninth level of Deep Dungeon has several enemy units which throw weapons at your party members. If you give your party members the "Catch" skill they will acquire many powerful weapons from these enemies.


Deep Dungeon has ten levels, but the exits to the lower levels are chosen randomly and cannot be seen since there is no light in the dungeon. You will have to send your units to explore each and every square on the battle grid to find the exit to the next level.