How to Acquire the "Zodiac" Spell in Final Fantasy Tactics

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Final Fantasy Tactics PS1 game

  • Playstation console

i SquareEnix

The single hardest summon spell to acquire in Final Fantasy Tactics, the Zodiac spell deals massive amounts of damage to all enemies in a wide range on the battlefield. Getting the spell requires sending your party to the lowest level of the game's most challenging dungeon.

Proceed through the game until you reach Chapter Four and win the battle that occurs at "Murond Holy Place."

Two members of the

Keep at least one unit in the Summoner job, and make sure that unit has a very high amount of hit points.

Take the party to the town named Warjilis and watch the cut-scene where the main character listens to some rumors in the bar about a hidden dungeon. After the scene, a new area of the world map will open up.

Go to the new area labeled "Deep Dungeon" and enter the first level of the dungeon. Make your way through the various areas until you reach the 10th and final level of the dungeon.

Battling Elidibs in Deep Dungeon

Battle the main enemy on the 10th level, a Lucavi demon named Elidibs, but do not immediately kill him.

Casting the Elidibs spell

Position your Summoner so that she is always within range of Elidibs. Once Elidibs casts the "Zodiac" spell on your Summoner, the Summoner will then gain the ability to also cast the spell.


Consider having your Summoner become a Time Mage briefly so that he can learn the "MP Switch" skill, which will make it more likely that the Summoner will be able to survive when the Zodiac spell is cast on him.


The exits between each level are not marked on the map in Deep Dungeon. You will have to send your units to search every square on the map until they find the entrance to the next level.