How to Run a PC Through TV Inputs

By Contributor

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • TV

  • S-Video cable

  • Converter cable

Getting your PC wired up to your TV can yield many advantages, especially if the TV has a larger screen, better sound and is situated in a place for all to see. When you have your PC hooked up to your TV, you can play movies from your computer onto the TV and surf the Internet. Read on to learn how to run a PC through TV inputs.

Find a place to set your computer. Chances are you will want to use it while it is connected to the TV, but you should also make sure no one trips over any wires or cords while you’re doing it and that the cord between the two devices is of sufficient length.

Check the resolution for your TV monitor. Cross check with the options available for adjusting your PC’s resolution. Set the resolution. Your late edition Windows Operating System may also allow you to use the system default settings for operating the computer with a TV. Click on "Control Panel" and "Displays" to set it to a TV setting. If you are using HDTV, you should not play around with the resolution too much, or else you might damage the computer or TV.

Connect the cord to the video-out of your computer and the video-in on the TV. The computer should still be off during this step. Change the input setting on your TV so that it will receive information from the proper connection when the computer is on. This usually means setting your TV to the Video setting. Find out which ports are available on both your computer and your TV. If you do not have a HDTV, your best bet (and your cheapest) would be an S-video cable. Most PCs have seven-pin, so make sure the TV does, too. Connect one end of your S-Video cable to your TV and the other to your computer.

Turn your computer on, and type in the keys for the video-out. This usually means hitting the "Function" key and the "F" key at the same time.

Make any final adjustments depending on how your desktop appears on the TV screen. If all is well, open your files and enjoy.