How to Download Entire CDs for Free

By Jennifer Claerr

Updated September 22, 2017

There are many websites where you can download entire CDs for free. One of the best is SpiralFrog, an ad-supported music website which allows members to download as many songs as they like. SpiralFrog music is protected by Windows Digital Rights Management (DRM). However, this will never be an issue as long as you are running Windows XP or Vista and use Windows Media Player 10 or 11. If you would like to transfer your music to a portable device, you can do so as long as your device is compatible with the SpiralFrog files.

Sign up for a free account on the SpiralFrog website. You will need to provide a working email address, so that you can confirm your membership. Save your username and password in a safe place in case you forget them. A spreadsheet works very well for saving passwords, and enables you to use different passwords for different sites.

Download and install the SpiralFrog download manager. This is a lightweight application which allows your web browser to download music to your computer.

Ensure that you have either Windows Media Player 10 or 11 on your computer. This software program is free for Windows users. If your version is not current, visit the Microsoft website and download the latest version which will run on your computer.

Return to the SpiralFrog website and search under Artist/Group or Album. This will quickly connect you to complete albums which are available for download on the website. If the artist or album is available for download, a small green icon will appear in the left column under "Available." Click this icon to continue. On the artist's page, multiple albums will appear. One or two will show up next to the artist's image, and more will appear in the area marked "Recommended Albums." There will be another section with six tabs. Select the one marked "Album" if it is not already selected. Browse these albums to see which ones you would like to download.

Click on the "Play Clip" button if you would like to sample a song before downloading it. If this is the album you wish to download in its entirety, scroll down to the "Track Listings" area and click the "Download Entire Album" link. Enter the captcha letters in the field and click "Go." The first song in the list will begin to download. There is no need to manually activate the subsequent songs. They will begin to download automatically after a length of time has passed.

Open Windows Media Player when the album is finished downloading, and click the "Library" tab. On the left hand side in the Library menu, click "Album." Scroll down until you find the album you just downloaded. Double-click on the image to open the album and play the music. Alternatively, you may navigate to your My Music folder and open the SpiralFrog folder. Songs are organized by artist first, and by album second.


You must renew your membership every thirty days to continue to download music from SpiralFrog. You must be a resident of the United States or Canada to download music from SpiralFrog. Navigating away from the current SpiralFrog page will not stop your download. SpiralFrog is not compatible with iPod or Zune.