How to Learn To Type Fast

By Megan Shannon

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer and Keyboard

  • Internet (optional)

If only we had extra fingers on our hands!

Not everyone has skillful hands, especially when it comes to typing. If you are tired of one-keying everything you have to type, therefore taking you twenty minutes to type just a few sentences then you will enjoy these tips on learning on how to type fast. There are many ways to learn how to type fast so stop pecking at your keyboard and learn how to type a letter faster than you can write it!

Proper Finger Placement

Know your finger placement. Your two thumbs should be placed on the spacebar and the other 8 fingers should be placed on A, S, D, F, J, K, L, AND :/;. When you go to hit a key other than the one your fingers start on, return them back to their position each time. You will of course probably be looking at the keys for awhile at first, but this is only temporary until you begin to learn where each key is on the keyboard. (Many keyboards have a distinct line on the F and J keys to help you remember where each finger should start.)

Try to concentrate as best as you can. The keys aren't going to jump out at you and you probably won't catch on super fast, so concentrate on where each key is and even say them aloud to yourself if you need to in order to remember where they are. You want to start slow until you learn where everything is so develop your own system that helps you remember the location of each key.

Practice, practice, practice!! Practice will only help you get better while you learn to type fast. There are many tests and activities on line that help you learn to type. By practicing with these or on your own you can start becoming a lot quicker at typing. If you don't want to practice on line you might try typing this sentence repeatedly, 'The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog.' This sentence uses every letter on the keyboard making it easier to learn where each key is.

Try not to watch your fingers. When you first learn to type it is a reflex to watch your fingers so you know what you are typing. By using a typing tutor on line that shows you the keys you are hitting you will probably catch on faster. Once you get the idea of where each key is you will get better at watching the screen and not your finger placement.

Start your own journal, diary entry, blog or anything that you can practice typing with. This will strengthen your typing skills because you will be typing words that you yourself are thinking. Instead of reading text you are typing your own thoughts.


Depending on the reason you need to learn to type fast, you might consider hiring a tutor as well.


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