How to Become Captain Hero in The Sims 2

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Captain Hero is the pinnacle of the Law Enforcement career track in The Sims 2. He or she stands for everything that is good in Sim City and brings the law to the lawless. Even ordinary Sims can give back to the community by becoming a law enforcement professional. Is your Sim ready to be a hero?

Pick up the career. You can find Law Enforcement either online, in the newspaper or through cheating. You can be in law enforcement from the time you are a teenager through to elder. Only adults can progress all the way to Captain Hero. Teenagers and Elders can only get as far as Security Guard.

Build that Body! An outstanding physique is the most important thing for an aspiring crime fighter. Whether you lift weights, spin in a gyroscope or spend your days in a swimming pool, Body is the one stat you'll want to max first. Your Sim will need the full ten Body points to become Captain Hero.

Play some games. It's amazing what a little Chess can do for the mind. Logic is very important for crime fighters. After all, a hero must be able to anticipate the moves of the villain and foil him at every turn. Your Sim will need nine Logic points to become Captain Hero.

Work on cleanliness. They say it's next to godliness. For the aspiring hero, cleanliness is next to Logic. In order to ensure the proper handling of evidence, treatment of crime scenes and the like, your Sim needs to be adept at Cleaning. They will need seven points in Cleaning to become Captain Hero.

Do some socializing. Friends in high places never hurt. Even friends in low places can help. In this case, it doesn't matter where your friends are, so long as you have them. You will need at least ten friends to become Captain Hero. Remember, a quick phone call can go a long way towards renewing a friendship.

Consider starting a home business. While crime fighting is a tremendous public service and does good for the whole community, it also tends to leave your Sim a bit lacking in the financial department. Captain Hero is one of the lowest-paying pinnacle careers. If your Sim aspires to a higher standard of living (Fortune-aspiration Sims certainly do) you may want to consider opening a business to help keep your hero happy.

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