How to Download Pictures From a Kodak Easy Share Memory Card

By Danielle Dean

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Kodak EasyShare Camera

  • Memory card

Digital cameras are part of our everyday life. They are small enough that they fit into purses, diaper bags and gym bags. They are easy to use and capture every day events and milestones. It is fun to download pictures to share online with family and friends. The Kodak Easy Share memory card makes it easy to download pictures with plenty of options.

Place the Kodak Easy Share memory card into your computer. Many computers come equipped with a place to put your memory card. Once you put your memory card in the computer, your computer will prompt you to download your pictures.

Use a USB cable to share. Included with your Kodak easy share camera, there was a cable to transfer your memory card imagines to your computer. You simply connect your camera and computer using your USB cord. Once they are both connected, your computer will help you prompt you to download.

Purchase an Easyshare dock. The Easyshare dock allows you to transfer pictures from your Kodak Easyshare memory card to your computer with just a touch of a button. Connect the Easyshare dock to the power, turn camera off, turn on computer, and press the "Transfer" button. You can also recharge your camera battery between uses.

Try a Kodak Easyshare Printer Docks. These printers allow you to download your pictures directly to a printer. Simply place the camera in the printer dock and hit the print button.