How to Put Your Picture on IMDB

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Photo of yourself

  • Credit card

  • Computer

Put Your Picture on IMDB

IMDB, short for the Internet Movie Database, has become a major reference tool to find information about the entertainment industry. While directors, crew members, casting directors and producers are all listed on IMDB, it is primarily used to find actors. If you have television or film credits, you should be listed on IMDB. Once you have credits there, you can then add your photo to your listing, so people can know it's you when they visit your page.

Go to your listing page on IMDB. You can find your page by searching for your name.

Click on the "Add Photo" square on your page. This square is located where photos are normally found on IMDB pages.

Choose the "Add Photos Only" selection from the upper-right of the page and then click "Get Started Now."

Log in using your email address and password. If you do not already have IMDB login information, you will be required to register prior to uploading photos.

Enter your professional name into the space provided. A list of possible IMDB profiles will appear. Select your listing from the choices.

Upload your photo. The photo you choose must be at least 300 pixels wide and no larger than 15 MB.

Add a caption, photographer credit or photo copyright information to your photo. You can choose to leave these fields blank.

Add 2 additional photos if you wish. IMDB photo service allows you to upload up to 3 photos for its yearly fee. To get the maximum value for the cost, upload 3 photos. You can switch out the photos or change your primary photo selection as many times as you like within the year period.

Select the subscription level and pay for your photo listings. It is $39.95 per year to list photos on IMDB. If you do not have any IMDB credits, you can also upload your resume, thus creating an IMDB page for yourself. A year subscription with IMDB photos and resume listings is $54.95. You must use a credit card for payment.


You must renew your photo subscriptions every year. If you do not, your photos will be removed from IMDB once your subscription expires. If you have legitimate IMDB credits, there is no need to upload and pay for their resume service. Entertainment professionals know that those resumes and listings are paid for so they don't hold as much weight as legitimate IMDB pages.


Do not upload old photos to your IMDB page. You want casting directors, directors and other entertainment professionals to recognize you. Your photo should look like you presently do.