How to Batch Resize JPEGs

By Jennifer Claerr

Updated September 22, 2017

Batch resizing jpegs is a method of resizing many jpegs at once using a single command. Batch resizing your images is an incredible time saver if you need to resize large numbers of jpeg images at once. Paint Shop Pro is a powerful image editing program which will allow you to batch resize your jpeg images using scripts. Using scripts in Paint Shop Pro, you can actually record the exact resizing action you wish to take on all your images, including the precise size you want your finished jpeg images to be.

Open a jpeg image in Paint Shop Pro.

Begin the script recording process. You can accomplish this by pressing the script record button in the toolbar, which looks like an empty round button. If this button does not appear in your toolbar, select File > Script > Start Recording.

Resize your image to the size which you want all of your finished images to be. When resizing jpegs, its best always to size them down. Sizing a jpeg image to a larger size will result in low resolution and poor image quality. When optimizing for the web, select a size between 400 and 600 pixels for the longest side of your image.

Click the Save button, which is two steps down from the record button and looks like a small floppy disk. Alternatively, click File > Script > Save Recording...

Select File > Batch > Process... In the dialogue box which appears, navigate to the folder which contains your images. Click on the first image in the folder. To select all images in the folder, navigate to the end of the image list and shift-click. To select only certain images for resizing, control-click each image which you want to alter.

Navigate to the location of your saved script in the script area of the dialogue box. Select the check box next to "Run script in silent mode." Also check "Stop on error."

Select "New Type" in the save mode area. Select JPEG - JFIF Compliant as the type. Under Folder, click Browse. Click the folder icon with a star in the corner to create a new folder. Name your folder with a variation of the name of your original folder. For example, if your original folder is named, "Family Photos," you could name your new folder as "Family Photos Resized." Click OK.

Click the Start button at the top of the dialogue box. Your images will begin to process automatically. The computer will notify you with an error message and a loud noise if there are any problems with the batch resize. To check your images to ensure that they were changed according to your specifications, navigate to the new folder which contains the altered images, then mouse over one of the images. The image should show the new dimensions of your image. If you see nothing on mouse over, click Image > Resize and the current size of the image will be displayed.


Crop your images in Paint Shop Pro before you resize them.