How to Create Magazine Advertisements

By Steve Smith

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Graphic program like Photo Shop, Microsoft Publisher, or another program

  • Photos

Magazine advertisements are a great way to build business, promote your products and drive traffic to your door. They are frequently read and seen by many people, and they typically hang around for a month or longer in doctor offices, hospitals and waiting areas. You can create your own with a computer and some stock images.

Log on to or another stock photo company website and create an account. You can browse for the photographs you want to use in your ad and download them right to your computer in several sizes. These images cost as little as $4.00 and you can buy several credits to download images in a variety of sizes.

Open your graphic program. In this case, we will use Microsoft Publisher.

Select "Advertisements" on the left hand navigation bar, then choose the ad you want to use from the available templates. Add your own text and image to these ads. Or, scroll down to blank pages, and choose the size of your ad. In this example we will just select an 8 1/2 by 11 area to build our ad.

Click "Insert" on the top navigation bar and scroll down to "Picture" on the drop down menu. Click this link and then browse to find your image on your hard drive. Select it and insert it in your ad.

Click "Insert" in the upper navigation bar and then scroll down the drop down menu to "Text box." Click this and a box will appear on your ad in which you can add text to your ad. To increase the size of the font just select the font size in the upper navigation bar and increase it to 32 or larger.

Type in the text for your headline. Use inviting calls-to-action that are creative and create interest. Short phrases are best, like "Are Pests Invading Your Home?" or "Rid Your Home of Uninvited Guests!"

Create another text box using the process in Step 5, and add your body text: "Nobody likes uninvited guests, especially when they cause damage to your home. You need to put your foot down on rodents, bugs and termites and we can help..." Check spelling and grammar by hand.

Add your final call to action, and include the phone number. "Call RexPest pest control services today at 1-877-rex-pest." Always use the word "at" and never a colon before the phone number because it makes the final call to action flow. Using a colon is what ad people call a disconnect.

Save your ad as a picture. To do this left click at the bottom corner of the ad and move the cursor across the entire ad--a box with dotted lines forms. Encapsulate the whole ad, right click and group all the image together. Then right click on the grouped images and select "Save as picture."

Send your ad to the magazine for printing in a JPG file. Make sure the file is large enough and at least 300 dpi. You may have to adjust your settings when you save the file, if your computer does not save it in this format automatically.


Using bright images that show a person or capture attention is usually the best way to go. Also, white or colored text is more eye-catching and easier to read. If you notice, most ads use this type of text. Black text can also be used on lighter backgrounds.


Do not use too much text in your ad. People only spend fifteen seconds or less on an ad. If they don't get the whole picture in that amount of time, they move on. So, capture the whole idea in about a hundred words or less and leave enough to the imagination so people will want to follow up on the ad.