How to Edit Bitmap Text

By Sharon Mcelwee

Updated September 22, 2017

Even though bitmap text looks like regular text to the naked eye, it is actually a graphic file, and there is no easy way to edit it. You will need a raster-based graphics program and a little patience to get it right. If you are removing words or cutting out entire lines, you can do a little cut-and-paste operation, but most times, it's necessary to retype completely. So get those fingers warmed up and get ready to type!

Open your bitmapped text in Adobe Photoshop.

Zoom in on your text, making it as large as possible.

If you are cutting out words or lines, select the text you want to delete with the rectangular marquee tool. Fill this area with white.

If you have a gap you need to close up, select the text with your marquee tool, cut it and paste it in the empty space. Crop the image as appropriate.

If you need to edit the text, the best thing to do is retype it. Add this to a text layer, and adjust the size and font until it lies perfectly on top of the old text. Copy and paste the text into Adobe Illustrator, MS Word or another program that will allow you to edit it the next time you open it.