How to Clean up the History on a Computer

by Contributing WriterUpdated September 28, 2017

If you decide for whatever reason to clean up your history on your computer, it is a very simple process. If you don't want people knowing what websites you've viewed recently, no worries. Here is how you clean up the history on a computer.

Open the your internet program. The first thing you need to do to erase your computer's internet history is to open the program. So whether you use Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Safari or a similar program, start by opening up the program like you would any other time.

Find the internet options. All of these programs have an area called internet options. Many times it is located under the tools menu at the top of the toolbar located where you would enter the web address. Under tools, find internet options and click on it.

Delete temporary internet history. Inside of this file, and usually located under the "general" tab, you should see a section labeled Temporary Internet History. This is a file where all of your page views are located in your computer's memory in a pre-set amount of space. There should be two buttons, one that reads "Delete Cookies" and one that says "Delete Files". Go ahead and delete both of these sections of memory from your computer.

Delete the history. Normally located right below that section is another one called History. This is another area where page views and computer history is located. it is set up to automatically save your views for a certain number of days. Go ahead and click clear history. Sometimes this feature will take a minute to complete as your computer completely rids itself of that memory.

Use the control panel. If you are having trouble finding the Internet Options button located in your internet program, there is another route. Go to your computer's control panel or system preference file. In it should be a folder labeled "Internet Options". This is the same folder as the one you would find if you used the internet program. Once you are inside, just follow the same steps to delete your history.


You can change the settings on your cookies and temporary internet files. If you do not want this history recorded, go to the settings option and change the features so that the memory is not stored on any disk space and the files are not kept for any amount of days.

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