How to Acquire Shadow in the World of Ruin in "Final Fantasy VI"

By Andrew Cowie

Updated September 22, 2017

Save Shadow in the World of Balance to ensure you can find him in the World of Ruin.
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Shadow is a stoic and moody character from the classic role-playing game "Final Fantasy VI." On the Floating Continent in the World of Balance, Shadow will give your party time to escape before the continent falls apart. For Shadow to appear in the World of Ruin, you must wait for him at the escape point. If you do not, Shadow cannot be found in the World of Ruin.

Play through the World of Ruin until you find the airship in Darill's Tomb.

Fly to the Veldt and enter the cave found in the middle of the expansive field area. Save your game and enter the cave.

Take the north path when you enter. Walk through the door and turn right. Head south after fighting Allo Ver to find a place blocked by rocks.

Walk south and pull the switch to make the rocks disappear. Keep heading south to find the Striker weapon, which is needed for a later step in acquiring Shadow. Return to where the rocks were, and enter the open passageway to find Shadow unconscious on the ground.

Fight the two SrBehemoth's that attack. Use Edgar's "Chainsaw" attack and Setzer's "Slot/GP Rain." Keep healing with the other characters, and keep attacking with Edgar and Setzer to defeat the bosses.

Watch the cutscene as Shadow is brought to the town of Thamasa to recover. Leave Thamasa and return later to see that Shadow has left.

Fly to the Colosseum. Talk to the ticket manager to bet the Striker that you found in the cave.

Fight Shadow in the battle that follows. Keep attacking Shadow and heal if your health gets low, though this is an easy fight and should not take long. Shadow will join your party when you win, and you will get the Striker back.


Shadow can throw almost all weapons, so use the "Throw" option in battle instead of selling items or discarding them.