How to Delete Files on a Computer

By Angela Tague

Updated September 28, 2017

Deleting files on your PC computer is a necessity. Clearing out old files that are no longer being used will make your computer run faster, and create more storage space on your computer for future files.

Turn on your PC computer and allow it to boot up. To delete an individual file, you need to first locate the file. From your desktop, select the My Computer icon by double clicking on it with the left button on your mouse.

Notice a new box pop up titled My Computer. Here you will see a list of the drives on your computer. Use your mouse to double click on the drive where the file is saved that you wish to delete. A new box will pop us with a listing of all the folders or files stored inside that drive.

Browse the list of folders or files until you find the folder that contains the file you wish to delete. Use your mouse to left double click on the file folder. A new box will open showing the contents of the file folder.

Look though the list of files. Once you find the file your wish to delete, use your mouse to right click on the name of the file. A box with a list of options will appear. Use your mouse to scroll down to the Delete option. Right click your mouse to select Delete. A warning message will appear to make sure this is the file you wish to delete. Select Yes or No. Selecting Yes will confirm your delete, and remove the file form your computer.

Deleting several files or folders at once can also be performed. After you have opened the drive or folder that contains the folders or files to be deleted, use your mouse to select them. Place your mouse over the first folder or file to be deleted in the list. Click and hold down the left mouse button. While holding down the left mouse button, push and hold down the Shift key on your keyboard. Release the left mouse button and use the mouse to click on the last item in the list to be deleted. Take your finger off the left mouse button, but keep the Shift button pressed.

Notice the list to be deleted is highlighted. Right click your mouse to bring up a new menu. Scroll down to the Delete option and right click. You will see a confirmation message making sure that you wish to delete several files or folders. Select Yes if you want to delete them.


Be sure to back up any files that you are deleting, but may need to reference in the future. Once they are deleted, you cannot access them on your computer any longer. File such as letters, financial spreadsheets and budgets should be printed and stored for future reference.