How to Subscribe to TV Guide for Free

By Contributing Writer

Updated September 22, 2017

For decades, TV Guide has been an indispensable tool to viewers. In addition to providing a comprehensive and accurate schedule of programs, it also prints reviews and insightful interviews. However, not everyone has the budget to subscribe to the magazine. Here's how to get TV Guide for free.

If the only reason you want the magazine is for the program schedules, go to and check the listings there. The website maintains a comprehensive database of which programs are showing at what times on many channels. And it's free to view. The difference is that, on the website, you don’t get the commentary and interviews included the print edition.

Look for coupons for free subscriptions. From time to time, TV Guide partners with various corporations to offer free subscriptions. A traditional arrangement would be to purchase two products and send in their UPC codes to TV Guide to start receiving the magazine for free. Keep your eyes open for the next such promotion.

Sign up for a free trial offer. TV Guide sometimes offers free trials during special promotional periods. It doesn't qualify as a full subscription, but you will get a few weeks of the magazine at no charge.

Add TV Guide Mobile for free on your Blackberry or Windows Mobile handheld device by visiting the Pocket Now website. You download the software at the site by following a series of prompts, and can then view TV Guide from your Blackberry or Windows Mobile device. (This service does not work with an iPhone.)

Get TV Guide for free by participating in a survey at the Merge Media website. You may have to make a purchase from another sponsor to complete the survey, but the magazine will be free.