How to Get Access Cards for Direct TV

By Diane Dilov-Schultheis

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Direct TV Account

  • Computer

  • Internet Connection

Direct TV is one of the most popular satellite choices for millions of people. Direct TV has a lot of great offers in television programming. In order for you to be able to use a Direct TV receiver, you need to have an access card for it. Direct TV access cards are what the receiver uses to connect to the satellite to pick up all of the programming. If you need to know how to get access cards for Direct TV receivers, the following steps will provide with several ways to get them.

Go directly to the source. One way to get access cards for Direct TV is to order one from them. You can contact them by phone or online (See Resources for direct link). Once you have an account with them, you can get access cards. There may or not may not be a charge for the cards; it will depend on your individual situation.

Search online for Direct TV access cards. You can also get access cards for Direct TV from several different places online. You can search online auction sites, online newspapers (bulletin boards and forums) or even do an online search for the specific receiver you have and you are sure to find quite a few to pick from. Be certain to verify the exact Direct TV access card you are receiving, prior to paying any money for it. You want to be sure it is the one you need.

Find Direct TV access cards locally. There are many places you can easily and quickly find a Direct TV access card. You can start at the local pawnshops and will probably find some there. Any flea markets in the vicinity are another great place to get access cards for Direct TV. Check out any local newspapers, free local newspapers, bulletin boards in public places and anywhere else used electronics are sold.

Ask around for Direct TV access cards. Inquire with your friends, family and associates to see if they have any Direct TV access cards that may just be lying around not being used. People will often hold onto old receivers that have access cards in them.


A lot of times it may cost you the same amount of money whether you are merely getting a Direct TV access card, or one along with a Direct TV receiver when you do not buy the access cards directly from the company. If this is the case, you may consider getting the receiver as well.