How to Scan Photos to a Computer Efficiently

by braniacUpdated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • scanner

  • photos

  • computer

  • photo editor

This is how to scan photos into your computer in a better fashion. Instead of doing one at a time, there is a better method.

Flatbed or all in one machine will do--flatbeds are a little better due to streaking issues with all in one machines. If there is more than one, use the one that has the best resolution.

Tape multiple photos to a regular piece of white unused printer paper, putting as many on without overlapping them and leaving a small space between. Only put tape on the backs of the photos, it can ruin the front. (I usually get four regular-sized photos to fit).

Place paper in scanner and scan image to computer.

If needed or single photos are desired, use a photo editing photo to crop off the photos one by one. Eliminate any borders created by the white paper with the program. Also fix any other problems at this time and save. (The smaller images save space on hard drives on keeps them to a less ridiculous size for uploading unless your site requires large images).

Your photos are complete. Upload to the internet for photo sharing, making money, or website images. These also can be used for printable photos and photo CD/DVD making.


Save as jpegs to conserve space. The .jpg extension is most acceptable to photo uploading sites.

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