How to Set Up Favorites on Comcast

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Comcast digital cable

  • Comcast remote

Your favorite shows are just a click away
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Having a button that will go through all of your favorite channels is a great thing. One click and you are there. Now there is no need to start punching in a bunch of numbers just to find that one channel you always watch. Comcast has made having your favorite channels a breeze.

Comcast Favorites is only available with digital cable. If you do not have this you will not be able to set up your favorites. The Comcast remote will also be needed. When you have this remote you can click onto your favorites with one button.

Click on the "Favorites" button on your Comcast digital remote control. After you click this it will ask you to set up your favorite channels. If you have favorite channels already set up it will not ask you; it will just let you set up more favorite channels.

Rename or click the list of favorite channels. Everyone in the family can have their own favorites you can add a new list and rename it to whatever that certain family member wants it to be. If you want to add a new list, select the heart at the bottom and it will automatically add another list that you can rename.

Decide what options you want to use in favorites you can add different favorite channels. You can change the name of the particular favorite list. Delete a specific channel or even a list from your favorites menu. There is also even an option to unlock a favorites list if it is locked because a family member put a lock on it.

Another way to access your favorites is by clicking "menu" on your Comcast remote. Then hit the menu on the screen. The next one you will enter is "setup" and then "favorite list setup." This method works if you have the older Comcast remote and there is no favorites button.


When you want to get to your favorite channels fast just hit your Fav button on your Comcast remote.