How to Become a Criminal Mastermind in The Sims 2

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Become a Criminal Mastermind in The Sims 2

Does your Sim experience criminal urges? Do they exhibit antisocial behavior, enjoy playing pranks or kicking over trash cans? Then get them into the Criminal career path where their natural urges will be put to work! Rising to the top of the Criminal ladder is a simple task for the evil at heart.

Create a new Sim or use one you've already got. Any Sim can become start down the Criminal career path and enjoy themselves. There are no special advantages to having a certain type of personality.

Pick up the Criminal career. You can either wait for it to show up in online or in the newspaper, or you can cheat. See our article on cheating in The Sims 2 for full details. Shift+click on your newspaper, select Career and find Criminal.

Get your Sim used to being nocturnal. Once they pass their first rank and become a Bagman, most of their working hours will be at night or late in the day. Shift their schedule accordingly. This can be tricky if their family or roommate lives during the day, but they will eventually adjust.

Do something creative. In order to become a Criminal Mastermind, your Sim will need the full ten Creativity points. Playing an instrument and painting are the simplest ways to get Creativity points.

Study Mechanics. In addition to full Creativity, your Sim must also have the full ten Mechanical points to become a Criminal Mastermind. Studying is all it takes, but fixing household items themselves (broken appliances, showers, etc.) will help too.

Work out. Your Sim must have at least eight Body points to become a Criminal Mastermind. Swimming, exercise machines and the gyro are all ways to improve your Body.

Make seven friends. This shouldn't be too hard for most Sims, even if they are antisocial. You needn't have seven right away, but you will need a total of seven to reach Criminal Mastermind.