How to Win the Last Level in Bubble Bobble

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

You may have had no problem getting through the first 99 levels of "Bubble Bobble" for the arcade or NES, but the final level, level 100, holds a surprise: The game's only boss fight. Twin dragons Bub and Bob go head-to-head against Super Drunk, called Grumple Grommit in US version of the NES game, to save their girlfriends. Careful use of the Lightning Potions scattered across the room will let you turn Super Drunk into super dust.

Jump up on the platforms directly above where you start to grab the lightning potion as soon as you gain control of your character. On the NES version of the game, you'll have a few seconds where Super Drunk awakens but doesn't move, giving you a chance to climb without dodging his attacks.

Jump down to the ground level and position your character next to the closest wall. If playing a single player game, you'll position your character next to the wall on the left side of the screen. By the time you reach the potion, Super Drunk starts moving in a pattern, bouncing from wall to wall. Run under him to avoid damage, then return to the wall.

Create a tower of bubbles against the wall and pop them when Super Drunk is on the other side of the screen. Popping the bubbles causes lightning to fire across the screen, hitting the boss for damage.

Dodge the bullets that Super Drunk shoots out -- these bullets fly in an arc pattern across the screen. You can jump to avoid bullets or just run under them, but make sure to stick to the left side of the screen; the fight will go quicker if you attack on one side.

Continue attacking until Super Drunk finally succumbs to the damage: Super Drunk has no life meter, so it's not possible to gauge how close he is to death. After you've dealt enough damage to Super Drunk, he becomes trapped in a bubble.

Touch the bubble that traps Super Drunk to end the fight. It doesn't matter where you touch it; any location will pop the bubble.


To bypass previous levels on the NES version, enter the password "GEJJJ" on the game mode screen. This password takes you to level 99. Alternatively, "GEJIJ" takes you to level 99 in Super Bubble Bobble Mode.

You may need to grab more lightning potions at the top of the screen if you miss a high number of attacks.

Having two players makes the fight much easier; have the other player stand on the other side of the screen mimicking your strategy, giving Super Drunk more chances to get hit by lightning.

Playing with a friend also rewards you with the Good Ending; single-player mode ends with the Bad Ending.


You can't harm Super Drunk without the lightning potion, so make sure you are using it all times.

Stay low to the ground throughout this entire fight; attempting to attack Super Drunk on the platforms give him more of an opportunity to hit you.

There are over 15 versions of "Bubble Bobble" available, as the game is frequently remade and ported to other systems. While the above steps should work regardless of the system, the fight may not be exactly the same.