How to Acquire Ignus in Planescape Torment

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 22, 2017

Getting the flame obsessed wizard "Ignus" to join as a playable character in "Planescape Torment" takes quite a bit more work than the other characters, but the payoff of adding another powerful spell caster to your ranks is worth the effort.

Acquiring "Ignus" In "Planescape: Torment."

"Ignus" can be found in the "Smoldering Corpse Bar" in the south-east section of the "Hive." Although "Ignus" can be seen from the earliest stages of the game, he will not be available to join the party until later on when several other quests have been completed.

In order to acquire "Ignus" you must first retrieve the "Decanter of Endless Water," which can be found lying on the ground near the end of the "Drowned Nations" catacombs just before entering the "Tomb of the Nameless One."

The decanter itself cannot be used to awaken "Ignus" until you have found the command word to activate it.

Leave the "Hive" and travel to the "Clerks Ward." At the outdoor bar near the area entrance is a woman named "Nemelle." Speak with her and ask about the decanter. She will provide you with the command word to activate it's power.

Return to the "Smoldering Corpse Bar" in the "Hive" and speak with "Ignus." Choose the dialog option to use the decanter on "Ignus." "Ignus" will then join the group.


If "The Nameless One" is currently trained as a mage, have him speak with "Ignus" after he joins the party to gain experience and learn new spells.