How to Hack Adventure Quest

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

So you're a game hacker and you're proud of it. You love being able to put your own cheats into your online games to gain an advantage over the competition. Read on to learn how to hack Adventure Quest.

Download and install the latest version of Cheat Engine.

Log on to your Adventure Quest account and then open the Cheat Engine program. Click on the "PC icon" in the top left corner, and select "IEXPLORE.EXE" from the process list.

Check and memorize what your character's hit points are. In Cheat Engine, set the value type to "Double" and click the "Truncated" box. Make sure the scan type is set to "Exact Value."

Choose "Battle Monster" in Adventure Quest and then return to Cheat Engine as the battle begins. Fill in the "Value" box with your hit point number and click "First Scan."

Wait for a list of addresses and values to appear. Select as many that appear and click on the red pointer to draw them to your bottom box. Press Ctrl-A, right-click on the values, select "Change Record" and then "Value."

Change the value to anything you want. When you then attack the monster you're fighting and let it attack you, your hit points should change.

Repeat the same process if you desire your magic points.


To change your experience points, use the above steps and then wait for your character to kill the monster for the hack to be complete. You can use the above steps to change the gold and Z-tokens you have as well. In this case, you should not have to go to a Battle Monster screen.


Remember that the producers of these online games try to check for hackers and cheaters. If you are caught, you will likely be banned from the game.