How to Change the Theme on your Xbox 360 Dashboard

by Seth Amery ; Updated September 22, 2017

Without personalization, life would be pretty boring. Even though you can't completely customize your Xbox 360 dashboard experience, you can change the theme to reflect a part of yourself. There are a variety of themes to choose from in the Xbox Games Store, formerly known as the Xbox Live Marketplace, to make your dashboard feel more like home.

Sign in to your Xbox profile on the console.

Press "RB" to shift over to the Social tab. Select your avatar to open your personal preferences.

Press "A" on "Change Theme." This opens the list of themes to use instead of your active one.

Highlight a theme and press "A" to choose it. You can't preview the theme in this section, but you'll see the change immediately without having to return to the dashboard or restart the console.


  • If you download your profile to another console, you'll need to download your themes to the new console; any purchased themes will remain available.

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