How to Sell Flowers Online

by Dialogue Queen ; Updated September 26, 2017

Items you will need

  • Website

  • Warehouse

  • Delivery contracts

Most people love flowers and while just about anything can be bought online nowadays flowers are no exception. The flower market is a billion dollar industry and here is how to sell flowers online.

Set up a website that lists all of your products and has several photos of them. List the website on all the major search engine and get it ranked.

Place a search bar on your site that allows guests to type in their zip code to see if you deliver to that area. This search can also provide a fee for delivery to that area so the visitors know ahead of time what they should expect to pay.

Set up a warehouse for the storage of the flowers and employ or set up contracts with delivery people. Have a computer system set up for you that automatically alerts you of an order and processes it on its own.

Grow your own flowers, have them shipped to you or visit a growers market and purchase them as needed (daily or weekly basis). You will need to always have fresh flowers in order for your clients to receive the best quality possible. Come up with a use for dead and dying flowers. These can be made into fertilizer, dried out for decoration or some other use.

Advertise. Advertising is key to the success of your business and be able to have sales high enough to cover the overhead expenses associated with purchasing a large volume of flowers and such.


  • Offer discounts and have holiday sales.


  • Don't promise more than you can deliver.