How to Resize Animated GIFs

By John Gugie

Updated September 22, 2017

Each frame needs to be resized in equal proportions.
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There are many graphics programs on the market, from pricey retail programs to free programs that allow you to resize animated GIF images. The process of resizing animated GIF images is quite simple. Animated GIFs are a few or several static GIFs or frames combined so each frame loads sequentially, making them appear to be animated. They are basically small cartoons. Each frame needs to be the same size for the animation to flow properly. To resize animated GIF images, each frame needs to be resized in equal proportions. A graphics program is needed to split animated GIF images into their component images, resize them, and combine them again.

Go to the GIFWorks website (see Resources).

Click on "Free Online GIF Tools" in the toolbar.

Click on "File" and then "File Open" in the drop-down menu.

Select from the two upload methods--"Fetch a GIF from a Remote Location" and "Upload a GIF from Your Hard Drive." If the image is located online, enter the image's URL and click "Fetch Image." If the image is located on your computer, click "Browse," find your image's location on your computer, and click "Upload Image."

Confirm that your animated GIF image loads on the screen and take note of the image attributes.

Click "Edit" and select "Resize/Crop," then click "Resize."

Check "Constrain Proportions" on the Resize window that opens as a pop-up window or tab. This will keep the width-to-height ratio the same as the original when either is changed. (If the window does not open, make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.)

Enter your desired width or height and click "OK."

Click "OK" again and your resized GIF image will load in the original window.

Click "File" on the menu and then click on "File Save."

Select from the two different save methods--"FTP/Transload" and "Save Image to Your Local Drive."


Be careful how much you decrease or increase GIFs because you can lose sharpness.