How to Move PS2 Game Saves To and From a Flash Drive

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • USB flash drive

  • PS2-compatible copying software

  • USB formatting tool

You may be looking to transfer your Playstation 2 saved games to another drive and/or another PS2 console. A flash drive with a USB connection would be one of the best devices to use. The process is still tricky, but with the right software, you can move saved games onto a flash drive and back onto a PS2 memory card.

Obtain a flash drive and copying software that works on your PS2. MaxDrive is an example of software that can be used. MaxDrive says only its flash drive will work with its software, but any one formatted the same will work.

Format the flash drive so it will copy from your PS2's memory card. Plug the drive into your computer and run a format tool. Select the "FAT" or "FAT 16 File System," check off "Quick Format" and click "Start."

Insert the software disk into the PS2 console and plug the flash drive into one of its USB ports. Then start the console.

Follow the instructions on the screen telling how to copy saved games. This likely involves going to a "Devices" menu and selecting the memory card choice, picking a saved game from a list and selecting "Copy to (flash drive)."

Run the same software and plug in the drive to transfer saves to the PS2. This time, select the USB drive as the primary device, select a save and select the choice to move to the first memory slot (it may use the word "uncrush.")


Some websites, like, have saved game files available to download. Once you download them to your computer and move them onto a flash drive, they could them be moved onto your PS2.


You may need to install a game enhancement device such as Codebreaker or Action Replay Max for your PS2 to support a USB flash drive.